StarFunnel Features

  • Tailwind CSS

    Transform your template's appearance with the beloved Tailwind CSS framework. Easily customize your design, bringing your unique vision to life.

  • Contact Form

    Our form supports topics, enabling submissions to go directly to Slack or services like SendGrid/Postmark. You can assign different email addresses or Slack channels to specific topics.

  • Newsletters

    Our Mailchimp integration empowers you to effortlessly create multiple forms with robust tag and list support. Customize your interactions, streamline data organization, and enhance your marketing strategy seamlessly.

  • Page Block Builder

    Craft your perfect page effortlessly with our selection of versatile blocks. Customize and extend your page exactly the way you want it.

  • Git-Based

    With Astro + Static CMS, your content finds its home in a Git repository, ensuring efficient content management and collaboration.

  • Light & Darkmode

    Give your visitors the freedom to choose their preferred color scheme, ensuring a personalized browsing experience.

A green page speed score Optimized Speed and Accessibility

Achieving a in the high 90 page speed score and adhering to WCAG 2.1 AA standards, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment. Our dedication to optimizing speed and ensuring accessibility guarantees a superior user experience for all.

Secure by design Static sites are not only fast but also inherently secure

By eliminating databases and server-side code, static sites become less prone to attacks. Embrace the robust security of static architecture for a safer online presence.

Page speed = conversion Speed Up Conversions & Hoard Leads with Ease!

Unlock higher conversions with StarFunnel! We know the equation: Page Speed equals Conversion. Our focus is simple – speedy lead harvesting for a stellar customer experience. Fast site, happy customers, and effortless conversions – that's StarFunnel

Green & Lean StarFunnel's Small & Speedy Solution for a Greener Web!

Embrace sustainability with StarFunnel! Our smaller, faster site not only means quicker conversions but also a lighter environmental footprint. StarFunnel consumes up to 90% less CO2 than a typical WordPress website, averaging just 0.06g CO2 per view. Join us in making the web greener, one swift and eco-friendly click at a time!

Check out our documentation

Getting started is easy, just clone the repo, configure and you are ready to go.



Anoying Popups

Add popups on page load or scroll location, you can set a delay and even duration!